Defining our Product Mission

Defining our Product Mission

Every company has a mission - an overarching purpose of what they want to achieve. Most missions are lofty dreams, offering an insight into the idealistic motivation behind the company’s inception. They serve as a guide which keeps the company focused on the long journey in achieving what it set out to do. Just as every journey begins with a single step, every company begins with a single product. At evervault, we’re defining our first products, and we wanted to document some of the discussions that we’ve been having.

Products have missions. A product is the public’s first look at what a company is doing behind closed doors. First impressions matter. A poorly communicated first product can define an early stage company. Like your first day of school, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of a premature definition - you still have a lot of growing to do.

An early definition is the start of a long uphill battle. If your first product is a running shoe, how can you make sure the public know that your mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world? We think the key to this is an explicit product mission.

Communicating a product mission helps to show the intention behind the product. It reminds the public of the bigger picture. That this product is a step towards an ideal. But it also distinguishes the product from the company. In a broad problem space, the mission statement addresses the company’s what, and maybe the why. But each product that the company takes to market is the how. Solving your mission is a piecewise function, with each product tackling its own subdomain. Your products can exist independently, but when they come together they represent a clear commitment to the mission.

The mission should be central to all strategy and product decisions. Every major decision that a company makes ultimately serves the mission, whether it is explicitly clear or not. Framing the task at hand as an opportunity to take a step closer to the company’s objective ensures that the progress that is made is always on track. This doesn’t mean that big decisions should be made from an idealistic perspective, but that the company’s intention should never be lost. As companies diversify into different products and markets, the mission becomes increasingly important. If the products conflict with the mission, the company is left looking like James McAvoy in Split.

To make data privacy simple and accessible for all, we are exercising a granular view without losing sight of what we’re looking to achieve. We have highlighted the areas that will be the most impactful in influencing how data is viewed, and we are working on novel solutions to realise that change. Our first product in this mission is the evervault privacy platform. Its mission is to make privacy seamless to integrate for developers. This platform is the first step in making data privacy simple and accessible for all. If this sounds like something that interests you, check out our careers page!

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